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High Productivity Solid Carbide Drill with
Triple Cutting Edges

» High productivity with triple cutting edge
» Excellent self-centering capability
» Premium hole quality
» Long and stable tool life
» Smooth chip evacuation with polished flutes


  • 3 flutes geometry improves productivity by more than 50%
  • Highest machining stability due to its unique edge geometry
    • Reduced cutting load
    • Minimized heat generation during machining
    • Internal coolant through type
  • TT5130 grade
    • Sub-micron PVD grade with a good balance between toughness and hardness
    • Newly developed multilayer coating structure to strengthen against both fracture toughness and wear resistance
  • Excellent hole precision due to its superior self-centering capability
  • The latest coating grade for excellent tool life (TT5130)
  • Suitable for steel and cast iron machining
  • Drill diameter range: Ø4.0mm - Ø12.0mm (3xD and 5xD)