About TaeguTec


Research & Development

TaeguTec’s Research and Development department thrives on using their expertise in advanced technologies to better serve existing and future customer’s needs. The Asian metalworking giant’s world-class R&D center thrives on continuously investing in developing outstanding products and technologies that lead to higher productivity cutting tools and industrial products. In collaboration with the best engineers in the business, the R&D department is constantly focusing on developing original technologies that can be applied to virtually every important manufacturing sector.

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Customer Satisfaction

We are constantly searching for ways to improve and create products that cut cost and increase the productivity of our partners.
This is why our R&D engineers are separated into teams that work independently from each other in order to either create next generation cutting tools or advance another team’s invention.
Furthermore, through close collaboration with our customers, we have combined our experiences to create cutting tools that cater to their individual needs.
This has resulted in the development of new tools that are the world’s best when applied to extreme working conditions and have provided customers with longer tool life and higher productivity.

Our Procress

At TaeguTec, the manufacturing process is comprehensive; from refining raw powder to the final packaging. The process is consistent with a one-stop processing platform that has been refined over 100 years of engineering experience; a work ethic and philosophy that enables us to meet our customers’ needs.
Through intensive research and development TaeguTec has produced original and unique cutting tools based on comprehensive testing that proves them to be reliable and effective.
No effort is spared at our R&D department, and the company as a whole works to provide products that increase productivity, reduce the customers’ cost and helps to create safe reliable products.