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TOOLING SYSTEM_New ER Sealed Collets

TaeguTec launches a new family of ER sealed collets for internal coolant.

The new range of sealed collets for internal coolant are designed with low collapsibility (maximum collapse:
0.2 mm) and are accurately fitted to the tool shank diameter.

With the launch of the new family of ER rubber sealed collets, the current ER sealed collets (1 mm clamping
range) will be discontinued after the inventory is phased out.
Refer to the tables on page 3-5 for details.

» New ER sealed collet features and benefits
- Maximum collapse: 0.2 mm
- ER11 sealed collet added
- 8-slot design
- AA grade: High runout accuracy (0.005 mm)
- Increased rigidity
- Improved clamping force
- Consistent repeatability
- A special coating with excellent wear resistance and corrosion protection

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