Mill2Rush TNMX 18 Now as Extended Flute Cutters with Splitters ( Jun. 05. 2015 )

TaeguTec has broadened its Mill2Rush line by expanding the popular TNMX 18 series to include the use of splitter inserts and extended flute cutters.

The TNMX 18 is a double-sided triangular insert with 8 millimeter thickness and 13 mm depth of cut which enables for powerful machining a characteristic that has gained it great popularity in heavy duty 90 degree machining.

Some of the other features include a high helical and positive cutting edge geometry that also makes the machining process stable, which in turn increases productivity while cutting on cost and an angled screw clamping design that promotes rigid clamping.

The latest design improvements have introduced other advantages to the TNMX 18 line.

For example, the splitter insert’s grooves located along the cutting edges reduce the cutting load, vibration and noise under unstable machining conditions such as long overhang or weak fixtures.

As such, the splitter inserts promote very stable machining and higher productivity as the grooves also generate reduced cutting load which, in turn, allow for higher table feed during machining.

With the introduction of the new TNMX 18 chip splitter inserts, the extended flute end mills and shell mills now enable a wider variety of applications.

For effective use of splitter inserts, the even number teeth cutters are also available as standard items.

During the product testing phase, the Asian metalworking giant recorded impressive improvements in tool life and productivity compared to leading competitor’s similar offering.

In one case study on an alloy steel workpiece, TaeguTec’s TNMX 18 line of flute cutters and splitter inserts outperformed the competition by 39 percent and increased tool life by 50 percent.

In another test conducted on cast iron, the new line increased tool life by an incredible 290 percent while productivity rose by 38 percent.