A New Chip Splitter Roughing End Mill for Difficult-to-cut Materials ( Nov. 24. 2017 )

TaeguTec has launched a newly designed chip splitter type SER solid roughing end mill for difficult-to-cut materials to the existing STARMILL line.

With a new chip splitter design, TaeguTec’s SER roughing end mill easily evacuates chips. Furthermore, it’s reduced cutting load and lower heat generation capability is an excellent solution for machining difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel, which can effectively operate even under low pressure air as well as coolant conditions.

The end mill’s geometry characterized by unequal spacing and optimized cutting edges for machining difficultto-cut materials results in reduced vibration and noise despite it being a chip splitter tool. As such, the SER roughing end mill achieves excellent surface finish with an extended range from roughing to medium machining.

The SER roughing end mill can be used on several applications from side machining, grooving to profile machining.

Optimal geometry for roughing applications

Chip splitter edge design
- The reinforced chip splitter’s design prevents edge chipping
- Easy chip evacuation due to great chip segmenting during machining
- Reduced cutting load and heat generation during machining makes it the optimal choice for stainless steel applications
- Effective machining under low pressure air and low pressure coolant applications
 Unequal spacing of cutting edges and optimized edges for machining difficult-to-cut materials
- Reduced vibration and noise
- Unique chip splitter design achieves excellent surface finish
- Wider machining range: roughing to medium machining capability
 High rigidity body
 Used for side machining, grooving and profile machining