TD810 PCD Grade for Aluminum and Non-ferrous Materials Introduced ( Jun. 28. 2013 )

There are several primary tooling concerns when machining aluminum, all of which have been answered with the introduction of TaeguTec’s new high productivity PCD grade, the TD810.

The polycrystalline diamond grade TD810 provides optimal machining performance on aluminum and non-ferrous materials due to its hybrid mixture of fine and coarse diamonds.

Concerns that have been addressed by the TD810 are common in the industry such as minimizing the tendency of aluminum to stick to the tool’s cutting edges, ensuring there is good chip evacuation from the cutting edge and ensuring the core strength of the tool is sufficient to withstand the cutting forces without breaking.

The TD810 grade’s combination of excellent wear resistance and toughness means a quality surface finish during high speed machining applications and is stable during continuous and interrupted cutting applications on aluminum, brass, plastic and wood as well as other non-ferrous materials.

Furthermore, TaeguTec’s newest PCD grade combines the power of higher productivity and economical solutions while eliminating the build-up of edges during rough as well as finishing jobs.

During a cutting test on an AC9B-aluminum (HB 140-160) work piece, TaeguTec found that tool life was increased by 32 percent when using the TD810 PCD grade.

For this test, TaeguTec used a CNMA 120408 LN-10 insert with cutting conditions that involved speeds of 500 m/min, a feed rate of 0.1 mm/rev and a depth of cut of 0.5 mm.

With this new PCD grade that works together in harmony with the material and geometries of the inserts, TaeguTec expands on an important element in tool design and minimizes concerns from companies machining aluminum at high speeds.