2mm T-BURST Tool Holder Expansion ( Dec. 04. 2017 )

The T-BURST’s 2mm holder product line has been expanded to meet overwhelming demand due to its excellent performance and high productivity in grooving and parting of difficultto-cut materials.

The newly added 2mm T-BURST holders provide the same superior performance as the current line and are available for existing automatic Swiss lathe holders as well as general type holders.

Using the same efficient side-clamping method for tool mounting, users can easily change inserts in a matter of minutes. Also, the three coolant channels on both the right and left sides of the 2mm expansion holders means a steady coolant supply to both the cutting edge as well as the workpiece for effective cooling during machining.

This addition of 2mm T-BURST holders enables superior machining solutions with improved tool life and higher productivity on difficult-to-cut materials.

All the new 2mm holders are interchangeable with the current 2mm inserts.