Two-steps into One with New Flat-bottom Head Drill ( May. 07. 2014 )

Using two drills to machine a flat bottom hole can not only be time consuming but also increase the likelihood of mistakes occurring. To resolve this issue while at the same time saving on downtime, TaeguTec has introduced a new geometry that makes hole making operations easier and hassle free.

The hugely successful DrillRush line has been extended with the introduction of a flat-face geometry head for flat-bottom machining of diameters ranging from 8 to 25.5 millimeters. With this introduction, TaeguTec’s new DrillRush line eliminates the need to use a two-step process by shortening the work load into a single operation which in turn shortens cycle times and substantially increases productivity.

To keep this drill head cost effective, TaeguTec has made it available for its current DrillRush line of bodies in the same size. Furthermore, the combination of the new flat-bottom drill head and DrillRush body offers excellent chip breaking while easily performing high precision flat surfaces.

The new head is specifically, but not exclusively, designed for applications like bolt-hole machining which requires a nearly flat bottom hole.

To answer the need from a variety of industries, TaeguTec’s new head is designed for machining on a wide range of work piece materials. Both the flat-bottom head and DrillRush body are coated with TaeguTec’s exclusive TT9080 PVD grade which provides high wear resistance, chipping resistance and prolonged tool life. The combination of the new flat-bottom head and DrillRush body can be used with TaeguTec’s recently released chamfering rings which drills and chamfers in a single operation in order to maximize cycle times as well as inventory and tooling cost for improved cost effectiveness.

Another option available for the DrillRush are special plugs that have an internal thread for coolant connections used on lathes that can be pressed into the cavity on the back end of the shank.