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Parting & Grooving > SFEED-CLAMP (NEW)


Unique Shallow Face Grooving Insert for Multiple Applications

» Multiple applications
» Stable and secure clamping
» Various size inserts with one holder
» Good chip evacuation
» High pressure coolant


  • Robust clamping includes anti-rotating triangular grooves on the insert bottom side and strong screw clamping

    • Insert rotation protection and stable machining
    • The opposite cutting edge can be used in the event of cutting edge breakage during machining
  • The thicker insert increases stiffness for protection against breakage and stable cutting
  • Holder structure without an upper and lower jaw
    • Easy chip evacuation without the interference of an upper jaw
    • No breakage of the holder due to the lack of a lower jaw
    • One holder type for all insert widths and workpiece shapes
  • Wide variety of applications
    • Face grooving and face turning, external grooving, external turning and threading
  • COOL-BURST ensures good chip evacuation, improved and stable tool life