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SFEEDMILL_TANGSFEED Now Available in Ultra Small 05 Size Inserts and End Mills

TaeguTec has expanded the TANG-SFEED line with new LPKU 05, LPHU 05 inserts and end mills.

TaeguTec has introduced a small 05 size insert to the Ø10 (2 teeth) end mill TANG-SFEED product line currently
available in 09 and 14 sizes.

Along with the smaller size end mills, two new inserts have been added; a LPKU 05 utility type and a LPHU 05
precision type. Both inserts along with the end mills, modular head type are available in a 10 to 32 mm diameter
range and extended flute end mills in a 16 to 25 mm diameter range.

» TANG-SFEED product features
- Strong tangential type 4-corner insert
- Exact 90 degree shouldering
- Optimized geometry for smooth machining and improved stability
- Capable of straight and helical ramping machining
- Tangential cutter's larger diameter core offers a higher stiffness compared to the radial type cutter
- Wide product line-up compared to competitors

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