Sobre TaeguTec

AEO Certification

Authorized Economic Operator

TaeguTec was awarded the internationally recognized AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) certification by the Korean Customs Service, an industry first, on May 15th 2012.

TaeguTec acquired the certification from the AEO committee after successfully satisfying the known-for-tough standard.
Moreover, in addition to the ‘FTA Certification(an export-specific origin authentification)’achievement in 2010, this AEO accomplishment firmly establishes TaeguTec as a global imports-exports company that is a model case for other companies in the region.

TaeguTec, as a certified AEO company, now benefits from customs administration exemptions such as partial omission from inspection process and logistics costs reduction via simplified customs procedures among countries consenting to MRA(Mutual Recognition Arrangement). Accordingly, it will serve as an advantage concerning overseas market expansion.


What is an AEO?

AEO is a World Customs Organization concept based on US trade safeguards to harmonize trade safety and facilitation. It is only granted to entities including import and export companies, shipping companies, carriers, warehouses and customs officers who are authorized by customs service globally, when concerning the subject of logistics reliability and safety.

Recognized in 49 countries, the US, Japan, China and the EU to name a few, AEO certification can be achieved when such entities meet international standards, including law compliance level, internal control, risk factor management, financial solvency, security management and business partner management. With the certification in hand, the business entity enjoys a series of benefits that consequently saves costs and time.