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TURNING_T-TURN New Solid CBN TB7020 Grade Inserts and Holders for Cast Iron Machining

TaeguTec has launched a new solid CBN grade for cast iron machining: TB7020 grade including flat type and dimple type inserts with associated holders.

» Solid CBN TB7020 grade
- Higher content CBN inserts
- For roughing and high-speed finishing of cast iron
- Ideal for high feed and high depth of cut machining
- Obtuse angle corners for improved economy

» Dimple (DA) type solid inserts and COMBI CLAMP T-holders

» COMBI CLAMP Top holders for flat inserts
- Under general machining conditions, flat-type CBN inserts are clamped to COMBI CLAMP T-holders.
However, under unstable machining conditions, stronger clamping force is required, resulting in the need for the new COMBI CLAMP Top holders.

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