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TTAPP is the comprehensive technical mobile app of its kind for tablets and smartphone devices. TTAPP is TaeguTec’s virtual cyber salesman offering the Asian metalworking giant’s ongoing innovative products and machining solutions, putting us in the frontier of digital media technology. Its target audience is TaeguTec’s end-users, salesman and distributors. TTAPP combines five very useful and user-friendly applications for metal cutting CNC programmers, process engineers, setup experts, etc.

  • TTA

    TTA _ TaeguTec Tool Advisor

    The TTA software matches your application requirements with the appropriate machining solutions. The software selects the best available solution for your input application, provides cutting tool recommendations, cutting data, power requirements and productivity results for each solution option. More detailed input information provides more accurate solution recommendations.

  • e-Catalog


    The effective search engine used in the electronic catalog guides you in selecting suitable solutions and presents all of TaeguTec’s tools with advanced search fields. The selection can be made by using key words or searched by application.

  • Machining Power

    Machining Power

    TaeguTec’s Machining Power is a simple, user-friendly calculator that can be used to estimate net metal-cutting power demands, material removal rates, cutting forces and built-up torques for various machining applications, insert types and values.

  • Insert Converter

    Insert Converter

    The Insert Converter provides TaeguTec’s equivalent grades and geometries of the insert that is currently being used (other manufactures’ tools). The grades’ results screen are displayed under the categories of “First choice,” “Wear resistant,” and “Tougher” while the geometries are displayed under “First choice,” “Higher feed” and “Lower feed.” All selections correspond to the selected competitors offering and applications.