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P+ Self-centering Head-changeable Drills for Premium Hole Machining

» Head-changeable quick change system
» Premium hole quality due to self-centering cutting edge (P+)
» Minimize process more than 8xD deep drilling without the need for a pilot hole (P+)
» High productivity in short depth of drilling (P+)
» Deep drilling capacity up to 12xD
» Excellent surface finish and smooth chip evacuation
» High flexibility with one drill body for a series of different sized heads
» Various types of drill heads

Premium Hole Making with unique Self-Centering P+

TaeguTec’s flagship drill line, the DRILL-RUSH, with its ingenious quick change system, ultimate self-centering geometry and high balancing forces at the penetration point has been redesigned into a revolutionary design upgrade that is changing the drilling game for the better.
The highly effective and innovative edge geometry penetrates materials softly, easily and smoothly with accurate hole sizes as well as performing excellent surface finishes.
Overall, the new Advance Drilling P+ geometry offers optimal solutions for improving productivity and reducing costs with exceptional performance and longer tool life.
The innovative design enables the SFEED-TEC DRILL-RUSH to drill deeper, over 8xD without a pilot hole and in turn, improves productivity.



Economical drill for pre-thread holes

  • Cost effective solution compared to solid carbide drills
  • Optimal balanced cutting performance with double effective design
  • Available for both blind & through-hole applications from M8 to M24

Adjustable chamfering ring

  • Compatible with DRILL-RUSH
  • Available for TOP-DRILL and T-DRILL with 3XD, 4XD
  • Adjustable step length
  • Minimized cycle time credit to drilling / chamfering as a single operation