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All Directional Turning with Positive 4 Cutting Edge Negative Insert

» Double sided negative insert with high positive 4 cutting edge
» Reduced cycle time due to all directional multiple turning with one tool
» High productivity due to high feed backward turning
» Low cutting force and good chip control
» Rigid T-holder clamping system and high-pressure coolant supply
» Available for steel and super alloy machining

All Directions with No Downtime and High Feed Turning​

TaeguTec has solved the problem of increased downtime with the innovative multi-directional SFEED-TEC POS-S-TURN, which easily machines steel as well as super alloys. This new line of holders and inserts doubles the cutting edges on positive rake 4 cutting edge inserts. Its precise and stable insert positioning in all cutting directions is handled by the T-Holder’s clamping design and exclusive carbide shim, strong clamping force and rigid pocket structure. The double-sided ZNMV inserts perform with low cutting forces, has double the number of cutting corners and efficiently controls the flow of chips. This ingenious multi-functional tool is perfect for back and forth turning, profile and undercut machining without exchanging holders. Furthermore, the outstanding POS-S-TURN line maximizes productivity because of its unique high feed turning capability, especially in back longitudinal and back face turning applications.

General purpose and high feed turning

ZNMV-BM insert with TZQNL holder

ZNMV-BS insert with TZQNL holder


Finishing and high feed turning

ZNMV Y-BF insert with TZQNL holder


Inserts and Tools


* (-TB): COOL-BURST high pressure coolant holder