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High Rigid Single-ended Inserts and Holders for
Parting and Deep Grooving

» High rigid single-ended inserts for parting and deep grooving
» Ultra rigid 3 pocket triangular blades and blocks (SFTB, TGTB, THTBR/L-TB)
» High rigid blades and integral type holders (SFGB, SFER/L)
» Ultra stable machining under general and unstable conditions
» High productivity with high feed and stable machining
» Good chip evacuation and tool life with high pressure coolant (-TB)
» Maximum cutting diameter up to Ø120 mm

Advanced Parting, Deep Grooving with Premium, Unique CUT-SFEED

The evolution of parting and deep grooving applications has arrived with two superior Golden SFEED-TEC CUT-SFEED types. The premium line’s specialized characteristics and advanced single-ended thicker height insert is more robust, stable and can propel the tool at greater speeds and feeds compared with conventional self-grip types. The CUT-SFEED’s incredible and unique features enable improved surface roughness, insert position repeatability and tool life even under tough machining conditions. Furthermore, the advanced Golden CUT-SFEED line offers a high-pressure coolant option that blasts from the top as well as the bottom of the holder directly onto the cutting edge resulting in excellent chip evacuation at higher speeds and feeds.
The other offering in the CUT-SFEED line is the groundbreaking and enhanced triangular blade type. This technologically advanced SFEED-TEC tool comes with three insert pockets and offers superior rigidity, which minimizes vibration and provides excellent machining surface roughness in general, high feed or interrupted machining conditions. The triangular blade’s remarkable innovation offers a highly stable clamping structure that contributes to increased productivity and tool life. The envy of the market, CUT-SFEED holders come in several insert sizes.

Reinforced Single-ended Insert for Parting and Deep Grooving

Ultra Rigid 3 Pocket Triangular Blade and Block

Reinforced Blade with Stable Machining

Inserts, Blades and Holders


* -TB: COOL-BURST high-pressure coolant system