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High Productivity Shoulder Milling with
Strong Tangential Insert

» Strong and reliable insert
» Strong tool body with larger core size
» High productivity with more teeth and ramping-down application
» Soft machining with high positive rake angle
» 90° shoulder milling

Golden 4-Corner Tangential Rectangular Inserts

The SFEED-TEC golden TANG-SFEED line is a double-sided four-corner tangential insert line capable of ramping applications. Its high positive helical cutting edge is designed for high machining performance. TANG-SFEED is available in three insert sizes: 05, 09, 14 mm and related cutters. The line is accentuated with the general purpose LPKU insert and a high-precision LPHU insert. Additionally, the 05 mm smaller size insert is capable of being mounted to Ø10mm (2z) end mills. Moreover, its unique geometry empowers better productivity across a diverse range of high feed applications.

Cutters by Inserts



  • LPK(H)U-M for general machining
  • LPHU-ML for low cutting force machining with sharp cutting edge