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Mini Sized 90° Shoulder Mill and High Feed Mill
with Strong V-Shaped Insert

» Smallest insert
» V-Shaped insert
» High productivity with maximum No. of teeth
» High positive rake angle
» High feed insert

Benchmark Mini 90° Machining End Mill

SFEED-TEC’s MILL-SFEED family is the benchmark line for manufacturing small parts and the miniature industry. It is also designed to replace the machining range of solid carbide end mills from Ø6 mm (1z) and Ø8 mm (2z). The advantage of this family of cutters and exchangeable inserts is that it improves productivity and reduces costs compared to solid carbide end mills. Designed for various applications, the three kinds of MILL-SFEED inserts in the line cover general applications, finishing due to its low cutting force as well as one type that is reserved for high feed conditions.

» Small diameter of endmills : Ø6 mm (1z), Ø8 mm (2z)

» Finer pitch cutter maximizes productivity compared to the competition
» Higher-stiffness core diameter over the competitor’s APKT type cutter
» Increased productivity due to high ramping angle
» Covers a wide variety of applications

End Mills by Inserts

  • CVKT-M for general machining
  • CVHT-L for low cutting force machining
  • CVKT-HF for high feed machining