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All Directional Turning with Positive 4 Cutting Edge Insert

» All direction turning
» High feed geometry
» 4 corner double-sided inserts
» High positive rake angle
» Unique and rigid captive clamping system


  • Double-sided 4 corners insert with optimized design
  • The same axial and radial rake angle as standard positive inserts with low cutting force when mounted to holders
  • Serrated cutting edge enables excellent chip control in variable depth of cut operations
  • All directional turning and multiple applications including backward and forward longitudinal turning, face turning,
    profile and undercutting without exchanging the tool holder

    • Higher productivity due to reduced down time and reduced holder inventory
  • High feed, backward longitudinal and face turning solution that maximizes productivity
  • The same T-Holder’s simple clamping operation and strong clamping force
  • High-pressure coolant supplying COOL-BURST holders are available as standard holders
  • TT8105, TT8115, TT8125 are bi-colored CVD coated grades for improved machining performance