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New Single-Ended Rigid Insert for
Parting and Grooving with Unique Adaptors

» High productivity with better tool life
» Higher speed and feed
» Simple and rigid clamping system
» Top and bottom high pressure coolant supply


  • Rigid clamping of the specialized three-area contact design for excellent durability and repeatability
  • Insert’s increased height enhances rigidity
  • User-friendly insert clamping system
  • High rigidity triangular blades and dedicated holders
    • Improved productivity due to high feed machining capability
    • Stable tool life and improved cutting performance
  • Triangular rigid blades for T-Clamp inserts are also available
  • COOL-BURST holders are available as standard items
    • Stable and improved tool life and improved chip evacuation
  • Maximum cutting diameter: Ø 120 mm