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NEW SIALON Ceramic Mill for High-Speed Machining of Super Alloy

» For supper alloy material
» High feed and high-speed geometry
» High productivity
» Good chip evacuation

BNGX 09 Features

  • Double-sided four corner dimple type insert
  • Unique insert shape geometry for high feed applications with positive cutting edges
  • Large corner radius for increased tool life
  • More rigid design with stable machining compared to the existing RPGN inserts
  • Positive rake angle and good chip evacuation
  • Strong clamping by dimple type insert and clamp

BNGX 12 Features

  • Strong double-sided six corner insert
  • Large corner radius insert for high feed machining
    • Replaces ISO RNGN 12 insert
    • Increased tool life
  • Three-sided contact for stable clamping
  • Direct air cooling through the wedge clamp

CRF & CRH Features

  • Optimal cutting edges for nickel based super alloys
  • End mill line uses ceramic (SiAlON) series TC3030 grade
  • High-speed, high feed end mill line increases productivity
  • 4 flutes corner radius type: suitable for shouldering, slotting and ramping applications
  • 6 flutes corner radius type: suitable for shouldering, facing and ramping applications
  • 4 flutes high feed type: suitable for facing, ramping applications