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Extended Flute Mill for Exotic Materials with
Unique Rigid V-bottom Insert

» For Titanium and high temperature alloys
» Reinforced V-shape insert
» High positive rake face
» Multi coolant supply to the cutting edge
» Good chip evacuation


  • Positive type four corner insert featuring convex cutting edges means smooth machining and minimizes mismatch
  • Unique V-shaped insert bottom design
    • Improved self-positioning for strong insert clamping
  • Cutter’s fine-pitch design maximizes productivity
  • Direct injection of high-pressure coolant from all pockets
    • Excellent chip evacuation
    • Increased tool life and stability
  • High rake angle design with convex cutting edges for reduced cutting load and smooth cutting
    • Minimizes mismatch
  • Unequal placement of inserts minimizes vibration