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90° Shoulder Mill 4 Cutting Edge Insert with
High Ramping Capability

» High ramping down angle for various applications
» Various insert options and cutter range
» High productivity with strong 4 corner insert
» High positive cutting edge
» 90° shouldering


  • True 90° shoulder milling capability
  • High axial and radial positive geometry
  • High ramp down angle
  • High productivity due to fine pitch cutters
  • Cutters
    • Internal coolant system
    • Wide bottom pocket for improved machining stability and cutter durability
    • Strong screw allows for stable clamping
  • Inserts
    • Double-sided 4 corner insert
    • High positive geometry for low cutting force
    • Thick and strong insert
    • Strong cutting edge due to crossed edges between the top and the bottom
    • High feed rate HF means better productivity