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TOOLING_TYPHOON-HPC Maximum 70 bar High-pressure Coolant Type Spindles for Small Diameter Tools

TaeguTec has launched the new maximum 70 bar high-pressure coolant type TYPHOON-HPC.

TYPHOON-HPC high performance spindles for small diameter tools, driven by the machine's internal coolant system, have been added to the TYPHOON family.

This high-speed spindle line operates through rotating turbines inside the TYPHOON-HPC with high-pressure internal coolant while keeping the machine spindle stationary.

What sets it apart from the existing family is its coolant pressure operating range. The new spindles are operated in the 40-70 bar range for machines with limited rotational speeds but are high-pressure internal coolant capable. The higher flow rate capable TYPHOON-HPC expands the range of the current TYPHOON product line.

» Strong and compact high-speed spindle operated by high-pressure coolant
» Suitable for small diameter tools' semi-finishing and finishing applications

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