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MILLING_CHASE-SPEED New Cutters and Ceramic Inserts for Heat Resistant Super Alloy Machining

TaeguTec’s CHASE-SPEED line has added new milling cutters and inserts for the machining of heat resistant super alloys.

The demand for super alloys is increasing day-by-day, mainly in the aviation and power generation industries.
Consequently, there is a need for new products to improve the productivity of machining super alloys.
To meet market demand, TaeguTec has launched the new CHASE-SPEED products for super alloys.

The new CHASE-SPEED products are available with RPGN 09 / 12-FL, RNGN 12-FL inserts in two cutter types: end mills and face mill cutters.

End mills are available in TERP-09 (Clamp type) and TERP-12 (Wedge Clamp type). Face mill cutters are offered in Wedge Clamp type TFMRN-12, and TFMRP-12 as standard items. Additionally, the wedge clamp type is equipped with air nozzles for better chip evacuation and longer tool life, higher productivity is achieved with more teeth than conventional clamp type cutters.

A combination of RPGN 12-FL inserts and TERP-12 end mills replaces conventional TERP-12CH end mills with RPGN 12-CH inserts. RNGN 12-FL inserts and TFMRN-1207 cutters replace conventional RNGN 12-CH inserts and TFMRN-12CH cutters.

» More teeth increases productivity (Inserts: RPGN 1204, RNGN 1207)
» Air nozzles applied to wedge clamps
- Better chip evacuation and longer tool life
- Insert’s wider flat surface enables improved clamping force
- Higher feed rate capability

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