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Self-Centering Drill Head with Unique Point Design_P+

» Excellent self-centering capability
» Premium hole quality
» High productivity without pilot drilling
» Reinforced cutting edge


  • Excellent hole precision due to its unique cutting edge
    • Self-centering capability
    • Premium surface roughness, hole cylindricity and straightness
  • In deep hole machining larger than 8xD, drilling without the pilot hole is possible
    • Reduced processing time and increased productivity
  • Drill head for flat bottom hole is available
  • Rigid cutting edge design and the latest multi-layer coating grade
    • Excellent tool life
  • Suitable for steel and cast iron machining
  • Drill diameter range
    • 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD : Ø6.0mm - Ø25.9mm
    • 8xD : Ø7.0mm - Ø25.9mm
    • 12xD : Ø8.0mm - Ø25.9mm