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SOLID END MILL_APEXMILL 45° Chamfering Solid End Mill with 5 Flute High Helix Angle

TaeguTec’s APEXMILL has launched a 45° chamfering solid end mill with 5 flutes and high
helix angle.

TaeguTec has expanded its chamfering solid end mill line by adding to the current uncoated two and four flute
straight cutting edge APEXMILL family. The new end mill not only reduces the cutting force during machining
due to its high helix cutting edge, but also improves productivity due to the five flutes design. It is also suitable
for high-speed machining and increases tool life with the latest coated grade.

» Features
- 40-degree high helix angle
* Low cutting force and excellent surface finish
- Optimal flute design
* Excellent chip evacuation
- TT5525 PVD coated grade
* Increased tool life and high-speed machining
- 5 flutes
* Increased productivity
- Applications
* Countersinking
* Chamfering

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