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HOLE MAKING_T-DEEP Drill Diameter Adjustment Shims for T-DEEP Gundrills

TaeguTec has launched a shim set that allow precise diameter adjustment of
T-DEEP gundrills.

TaeguTec’s new shim set for T-DEEP gundrills provides quick and easy adjustment of drill diameter and
minimizes inventory of special products.

The shim set allows the diameter of TRGD(L) T-DEEP (diameter 14-28 mm) gundrills to be precisely
adjusted to 0.01-0.1 mm. The shim set must be mounted under the guide pads which are assembled
on to the TRGD(L) T-DEEP gundrill line.

» Features
- The diameter of the TRGD(L) T-DEEP gundrill can be adjusted using the shim (diameter 14-28 mm)
- Simple and fast diameter adjustment range: 0.01-0.1 mm
- Two sets of shims can be used to adjust to the desired drill dimensions
- Precise diameter machining is possible, such as using HSS carbide long drills or brazed gundrills

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