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C-ADAPTERS now available for the POS-S-TURN line.

TaeguTec’s POS-S-TURN, the optimally designed double-sided 4-corners all directional turning insert line with
excellent high feed back turning capability, has been expanded to include C-ADAPTERS.

The C-ADAPTERS add the further benefit of high precision machining and improved productivity due to the
quick change tool system.

» Features
- High precision machining on the workpiece
- Improved productivity due to the quick change tool capability
- The same axial and radial rake angle as standard positive inserts with low cutting force when mounted to
- Serrated cutting edge enables excellent chip control in variable depth of cut machining
- All directional turning and multiple applications including backward and forward longitudinal turning, face
turning, profile and undercutting without exchanging the tool holder
* Higher productivity due to reduced downtime and reduced holder inventory
- High feed, backward longitudinal and face turning solution that maximizes productivity
- The same T-Holder’s simple clamping operation and strong clamping force

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