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TaeguTec has released specific sleeves for quick and easy setting of HUSH-BORE boring bars.

Vibration free HUSH-BORE boring bars are cylindrical shank type products, with no flat parts, for deep internal turning operations in 7xBD to 10xBD (BD: shank diameter) range. Therefore, based on the flat surface design of the head, set-up time can become an issue.

To solve this issue, TaeguTec has launched HUSH-BORE sleeves that can be easily set up in the machine’s tool holder.

These specific sleeves with one-sided slit maintain a robust clamping force and high precision because of its wide contact area when combined with the new HUSH-BORE shank. First, gently tighten the flat surface onto the sleeve with a screw onto the holder. Second, match the HUSH-BORE's shank line with the sleeve-line. Third, check the zero setting with the dial gauge, ensure it is within ±0.01 mm. Fourth, secure the sleeve by screwing tightly to the tool holder. Thereby, making for easier, faster setting time with better accuracy.

» Features
- Easier and faster shank setting time due to simpler, yet practical design
- Robust clamping force and high precision
- Full sleeve line for HUSH-BORE shank diameter range(Ø16-50mm)

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