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TURNING_RHINOTURN New RHINOTURN Adapters for ISO Turning Holders

TaeguTec has launched new RHINOTURN adapters that enable the mounting of small size RHINOTURN inserts to existing ISO standard turning holders.

TaeguTec’s economical smaller size RHINOTURN insert line provides strong and excellent machining performance versus ISO type inserts. However, the RHINOTURN insert line requires using specific RHINOTURN holders.

Thus, TaeguTec has introduced RHINOTURN adapters that allow the use of RHINOTURN inserts without replacing the existing ISO turning holders. It permits end users to switch from the existing ISO type inserts to the higher performance RHINOTURN inserts.

With the new RHINOTURN adapters, customers using existing ISO holders can apply and test RHINOTURN inserts without changing the holders.

These holders are specifically designed for the RHINOTURN adapters that are compatible with lever type ISO turning holders.

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