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RHINOTURN T-Holder with Internal High Pressure Coolant

» High pressure coolant supplied through the clamp
» High productivity
» Rigid clamping with T-holder
» Good chip control and evacuation
» Variety of inserts


  • 50% tool life increase under the same machining conditions
    • Improved tool life for machining of titanium, stainless steel, alloy steel and super alloys
  • 20% cutting speed increase in difficult-to-cut materials machining
    • Increased productivity in high-speed machining of titanium and super alloys
  • Pinpointed high-pressure coolant supply through the clamp without additional components
  • T-Holder type for better stability and robust tightening than the conventional lever type
  • Coolant pressure: Recommended 70 bar, Maximum up to 140 bar
    • Excellent chip control
    • Efficient cooling of the insert’s cutting edge with coolant supply via two directions