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Double-Sided Versatile Insert with 70° Cutting Edge

» Multi-purpose application from finish to medium
» Low cutting force and less vibration
» Double-sided inserts
» For steel material
» Good chip control and evacuation


  • Multiple applications available for internal turning, longitudinal, face turning and profile turning
  • XNMG insert reduces customer inventory with the integrated shape of both the CNMG and DNMG inserts
  • Optimally designed for automotive parts such as bearings due to its wide cutting range and good chip control from medium to finishing operations
  • When compared to CNMG standard inserts:
    • Smaller corner angle for excellent chip control, good surface finish with low cutting force
    • Profiling capable up to a 15° ramping angle
    • Deeper approach in the live center
  • When compared to DNMG standard inserts:
    • Simultaneous longitudinal turning and face turning possible
    • Enhanced insert strength by increased corner angle and stable longer tool life
  • TT8105, TT8115, TT8125 are bi-colored CVD grades for improved machining performance