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Mini Sized 90° Shoulder Mill and High Feed Mill
with Strong V-Shaped Insert

» Smallest insert
» V-Shaped insert
» High productivity with maximum No. of teeth
» High positive rake angle
» High feed insert


  • Minimum holder diameter Ø6 (1z), Ø8 (2z)
  • Finer pitch cutter maximizes productivity compared to the competition
  • Unique V shape insert bottom design
    • Increased insert rigidity
    • Improved self-positioning for strong insert clamping
  • High-rake angle design reduces cutting loads, which results in excellent chip evacuation
  • Enhanced cutting edges design improves tool life and productivity
  • Higher-stiffness core diameter over the competitor’s APKT type cutter
  • Increased productivity due to high ramping angle
  • Covers a wide variety of applications