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CHASE-SPEED for super alloys

High-speed milling of super alloys

» Round type SiAlON ceramic grade inserts
» High-speed milling on super alloys
» Special wedge clamp with air supply nozzle
» Strong clamping and stable machining
» Higher productivity with more teeth

The CHASE-SPEED line of cutters and inserts answers the demand from the aviation and power generation industries for a tool that improves the productivity of machining super alloys. The line is available with a clamp type (TERP-09) and a wedge clamp type (TERP-12). The wedge clamp is equipped with air nozzles for better chip evacuation and longer tool life, while higher productivity is achieved with more teeth than conventional clamp type cutters.
CHASE-SPEED should be used under high-speed conditions(V=600~1,200 m/min), and it is used for roughing as it is accompanied by thermal deformation due to heat generation.

​Air nozzles applied to wedge clamps

  • Better chip evacuation and longer tool life
  • Insert’s wider flat surface enables improved clamping force
  • Higher feed rate capability

​Higher productivity with more teeth

D63 mm, 7z

Cutters by Inserts



* Ceramic SiAlON grades: TC3030-1st choice > TC3020-2nd choice

* Edge preparations

  • E: Hone size 0.02-0.03 mm
  • E04: Hone size 0.04-0.05 mm
  • T6: Land size 0.1mm x 20°