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HOLE MAKING_Drill Sleeves for Swiss Type Automatic Lathes

TaeguTec has released exclusive drill sleeves for its DRILL-RUSH and TOP-DRILL lines – now established
as the best solution for drilling operations due to their excellent performance – to be applied to Swiss type
automatic lathes.

The new exclusive sleeves are available in two types: fixed tightening length type sleeve (TSL-NC) and
adjustable tightening length type sleeve (TSL-SW), and an internal coolant system with an coolant hose
allowing for higher cutting performance and increased tool life through improved chip evacuation and effective

Especially suited for adjustable tightening length type sleeves, adjusting the length of the drill can effectively
reduce the vibration that may occur during machining. This ensures more reliable performance.

» Features
- Optimized drill sleeves for Swiss type automatic lathes
* Fixed tightening length type sleeve (TSL-NC)
* Adjustable tightening length type sleeve (TSL-SW)
- Easy internal coolant system with coolant hose set
* Improved chip evacuation and increased tool life
- Applicable to all Swiss type automatic lathes and CNC lathes due to various sleeve specifications

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