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MILLING_CHASE-FEED SBMT 06 Small Inserts and Cutters for High Feed Machining

TaeguTec's CHASE-FEED line now includes the smaller SBMT 06 inserts and cutters for high
feed machining.

With the addition of the SBMT 06 small insert to the existing 09 and 13 size inserts, the CHASE-FEED line has
been expanded.
The SBMT 06 insert is suited for low depth of cut operations ― less than 1 mm ― while the finer pitch cutters,
with more teeth, improve productivity. In addition, the smaller insert has a large 3 mm thickness and high helix
cutting edge, which enhances rigidity and results in excellent performance.
The SBMT 06 insert line includes cutters in end mill, modular and face mill types; end mills and modular types
are available in the 16-32 mm range while face mills come in a 32-63 mm diameter range. All SBMT 06 line
tool holders are coolant capable due to their built-in through hole design.

The SBMT 06 inserts are available in 2 geometries: ‘M’ for general purpose, ‘ML’ for difficult-to-cut materials
such as stainless steel, heat resistant alloy and unstable conditions.

» Features
- High feed, high positive design 4-corner insert
- Single-sided positive insert with lower cutting force
- High helix geometry for smooth cutting
- Superior rigidity
- Higher productivity
- Good performance in the machining of difficult-to-cut materials

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