New Products

SFEEDCLAMP_CUT-SFEED Reinforced Triangular Blades and Blocks for Parting and Deep Grooving Applications

Now available for TaeguTec's CUT-SFEED line, reinforced triangular blades and blocks for
parting and deep grooving applications.

The CUT-SFEED line now includes enhanced SFTB and TGTB triangular blade types for the T-Clamp line,
both with three insert pockets.

The triangular blade types (SFTB, TGTB) and dedicated block (THTBR/L-TB) are superior in rigidity, minimize
vibration and provide excellent machining surface roughness in general conditions and even in high feed or
interrupted machining conditions. The block includes the drop head and double contact with the turret enabling
a highly stable clamping structure, thus contributing to increased productivity and tool life.

» Features
- Economical 3 insert pocket blade
- High rigidity triangular blades and dedicated blocks
* Stable machining performance under general conditions
* Stable machining performance even in interrupted or unstable conditions
* Less vibration, excellent surface roughness and improved straightness
* Stable structure allows high feed and interrupted machining
- Triangular rigid blades for T-Clamp inserts are also available
- Available for all equipment, including multitask machines and general CNC machines
- Maximum diameter Ø120 mm bar can be cut with 2 & 3 mm width inserts: reduces material costs
- Saves set-up time when replacing the pocket - Maintains high precision even after the pocket is changed

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