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HOLE MAKING_T-DEEP New Guide Pads with Double Chamfer Geometry

TaeguTec launches a new double chamfer geometry guide pad for the T-DEEP line.

The TaeguTec T-DEEP family’s guide pad has switched to a new double chamfer type.
The double chamfer geometry of the new guide pad minimizes sudden damage during machining and enables
more stable machining. The double chamfer guide pads are also offered in the SB grade for excellent wear
resistance or the SC grade for excellent toughness.
Some screws will be replaced with new products as the new guide pads are released.
The double chamfer guide pad will be available after the existing inventory is phased out, followed by the
termination of the existing inventory.

» Features
- Double chamfer guide pad
* More reliable guide role
* Damage prevention of the guide pad
* Increased tool life

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