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SFEEDCLAMP_CUT-SFEED Single-Ended Rigid Inserts and Holders for Parting and Deep Grooving

TaeguTec has launched the CUT-SFEED, a new line of single-ended rigid inserts and holders for parting and deep grooving

For parting or deep grooving applications, single-ended self-grip inserts are generally used but are susceptible to vibrations due to structural weakness as well as unstable tool life and frequent breakage stemming from bad chip evacuation.

The CUT-SFEED line is designed as a thicker height insert and includes a specialized three-area contact with bottom-stopper, which is more robust and stable than the conventional self-grip type. Therefore, it enables improved surface roughness, insert position repeatability and tool life even under tough machining conditions.

The holders are available in two types: a square shank type (SFER/L), a blade type (SFGB). All holders use the COOL-BURST high pressure coolant system and come as standard products.

» Rigid clamping of the specialized three-area contact design for excellent durability and repeatability
» Insert’s increased height enhances rigidity
» User-friendly insert clamping system
» COOL-BURST holders are available as standard items
- Stable and improved tool life and improved chip evacuation
» Maximum cutting diameter: Ø100 mm (blade), Ø60 mm (square holder)

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