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T-Clamp_COOL-BURST New High Pressure Coolant Line for Parting and Internal Grooving Applications

High pressure coolant COOL-BURST line heightens T-CLAMP family with release of two new tools.

TaeguTec has added new parting and grooving blades as well as internal boring bars to the COOL-BURST product line expanding the capabilities of the T-CLAMP family of cutting tools.

TGB-TB blades are designed for parting and deep grooving applications. The new blade includes upper and lower coolant channels for superior chip evacuation and insert tool life.
The speed and feed can be increased, resulting in reduced machining time and a significant increase in productivity with longer service life.
Moreover, tool life is increased even under normal coolant pressure conditions. The new COOL-BURST line can withstand coolant pressure of up to 340 bar making it suitable for machining HRSA difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and Inconel.

The TTIR/L-TB boring bar for internal grooving and boring includes two optimized coolant channels located on the top and the side.
With the use of coolant, this line achieves very smooth chip segmenting and chip evacuation during internal machining. Available in Ø20-32 shaft diameter range, the boring bar can be applied to 2-4 mm inserts while the bar’s unique geometry design strengthens insert rigidity ensuring stable tool life.

TGB-TB blade features
» For parting and deep grooving applications
» 2 efficient coolant channels
» Recommended for machining HRSA difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and Inconel
» Excellent chip evacuation and long tool life even in low feed rate machining
» Increased speed and feed reduces machining time and increases productivity
» Tool life increase even under normal coolant pressure conditions
» Up to 340 bar pressure
» Stable tool life even under higher feeds and speeds

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