Molding Difficult-to-cut Materials by Chasing with New Line ( May. 26. 2016 )

Line Machines Materials in Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power Generation Industries

TaeguTec has launched two new five-cutting edge insert lines - RTMX and RTHX - with related cutters specifically dedicated for the stainless steel and difficult-to-cut materials used, but not exclusive, in the aerospace, oil and gas and power generation industries.

ChaseMold’s RTMX and RTHX inserts including the line’s optimal cutter design were born through rigorous trial and error as well as performance testing in order to attain excellent performance in stainless steel, difficult-to-cut materials and turbine blade machining under severe machining conditions and in unstable fixtures.

The RTMX is a press-to-size type line for economy while the RTHX ground type is dedicated towards high precision machining with both line’s offering a high positive rake angle for low cutting resistance.

Both inserts come in 10 and 12 millimeter sizes and their chip formers are available in three types: MM, ML and MLL. The MM chip former is recommended for unstable conditions, the MLL for stable conditions and the ML covers the middle range between the MM and MLL types.

Furthermore, both lines are available in standard and special grades; the special grades are made for any machining environment, even under harsh conditions due to their high wear resistance and toughness capabilities.

Cutters are available in end mills (ø32 mm), modular types (ø25-40 mm) as well as face mills (ø40-80 mm) and all are coolant capable for easy chip evacuation.

During the product testing simulating real-world conditions, TaeguTec’s new ChaseMold lines achieved higher tool life and productivity than the competitors’ similar offering.

For tool life during the roughing operation of the airfoil, shroud and the root part of the blade component made from martensitic stainless steel (X20Cr13, AISI 420), TaeguTec’s new 5-teeth RTMX line outlasted a leading competitor’s tool by 65 percent, while on a blade shroud and root roughing operation made from stainless steel (1.4923), the same RTMX line increased tool life by almost 30 percent.

In another test that emulated real-world machining conditions, TaeguTec’s RTMX completely annihilated the competition by increasing tool life by 100 percent while performing a spiral roughing operation on the blade’s airfoil part of the component made from alloy special martensitic creep-resisting steel (1.4938 + QT, X12CrNiMoV12-3).

Concerning productivity, TaeguTec’s tests using the ChaseMold RTMX line on an aerospace engine case made from Waspaloy and Inconel 718 increased productivity by 65 percent on a leading competitor’s similar offering.