H-Drill NHD Brings Drilling to New Level of Performance ( Mar. 18. 2016 )

TaeguTec has introduced a new solid carbide drill - the NHD Drill - which outperforms the existing SHD and SHO drills.

The new H-Drill NHD’s optimized cutting edges are designed for improved drilling stability while its sharp straight cutting edges, with precise web thinning, generates low cutting force and excellent self-centering capability for higher hole accuracy.

Furthermore, in order for the NHD to evacuate chips smoothly, TaeguTec has designed the new addition to the drilling family with polished flutes and a wide chip gullet.

In general, solid carbide drills are designed specifically to enhance the machinability and tool life for most materials including high alloy and stainless steel due to high hardness and thermal conductivity.

These features strengthen the cutting edge longer and dissipate generated heat rapidly but unfortunately, carbide bits are very brittle and chip if they are handled without care.

In order to remedy this negative factor and prolong tool life during high efficiency machining, TaeguTec has added the new TT9030 multi-layered coating technology to the NHD line, which maximizes toughness as well as increases wear resistance.

TaeguTec’s NHD drills are offered in 3 millimeter to 12 mm diameter range and available in 3xD and 4-5xD depth of cut range. TaeguTec’s NHD drills are listed as standard items and come with or without coolant holes.

Tailor made NHD drills, such as over 12 mm diameter, are available upon request.

To make sure that the H-Drill NHD line is ready to be sold by Asia’s largest metalworking company, TaeguTec pitted it against SHD drills and other competitors’ similar offerings.

In every test, TaeguTec’s H-Drill NHD tool outperformed the competition and SHD drills by anywhere from 15-59 percent while machining alloy steel.