T-Bursting Through Difficult-to-cut Materials ( Mar. 30. 2015 )

New High-pressure Coolant Bursts through Groove-turning, Parting Operations

In order to meet the machining needs of difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, Inconel and other heat resistant alloys, TaeguTec has introduced the T-Burst high-pressure coolant tool for groove-turning and parting.

In parting and grooving applications, the ability to supply high-pressure coolant generates good chip breaking, reduced cycle times and increased tool life on most materials but on difficult-to-cut materials, the rules change because it becomes harder to ensure effective chip breaking specifically with standard external coolant in low feed rate operations.

The new addition to the T-Burst line fixes those challenges and helps machinists excel in creating superior highly productive parts at a lower cost when working with exotic materials under low feed rate conditions.

With the coolant outlet located on the upper jaw, directly over the insert, TaeguTec’s T-Burst high-pressure coolant, which is supplied through the tool holder’s internal coolant channel, shoots out with enough force and speed to the insert’s cutting edge thus allowing for lubrication of the material and cutting tool, as well as effective cooling, excellent chip breaking and increased tool life while preventing built-up-edges.

The T-Burst high-pressure line is available in two tool holder types: TTER/L-TB, TTER/L-SH-TB holders and TQHR/L QuadRush tool holders.

Square shank TTER/L-TB holders are available in both 20 and 25 millimeters while the inserts’ width of cut ranges from 3.0-8.0 mm. TTER/L-SH-TB holders come in 12 and 16 mm square shank size and features a side clamping design for fast and easy indexing on Swiss type tooling machines. The square shank QuadRush holders are available in 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm while the inserts’ depth of cut ranges up to 5.2 mm.

The T-Burst tool holders apply through coolant up to 340 bar and achieves improved tool life compared to normal coolant pressure external type tool holders.

In quality tests designed to compare the effectiveness of the new T-Burst line’s groove-turning and parting operations on difficult-to-cut materials against tools that supply normal external coolant of 10 bar, TaeguTec increased tool life on grooving operations conducted on Inconel 718 by as much 75 percent in one test, by 400 percent while machining titanium alloy on another test, 50 percent on stainless steel and an incredible increase of 800 percent tool life on aluminum alloy.

On a separate comparison test using the highly-popular QuadRush insert series, the T-Burst line increased tool life by 180 percent versus normal external coolant tools while performing shallow grooving operations.