Porcupine Cutter, Splitter Insert Combo Roughs Out Operations ( Mar. 10. 2015 )

TaeguTec has expanded the MillRush line by adding extended flute cutters, also known as “porcupine” or “long-edge” cutters, and splitter inserts to improve performance on roughing operations.

Extended flute end mills and shell mill cutters are being added to the 3PKT 06, 10, 15 and 19 millimeter insert line.

All MillRush inserts, including the 3PKT 15 and 19 splitter inserts launched at this time, are able to be clamped to extended flute end mills and shell mill cutters. Also, the two new 3PKT 15 and 19 mm inserts come in two different kinds called the SM2 (with three corners and two grooves) and SM3 (with three corners, three grooves and a different color periphery). The idea behind the SM2 and SM3 is so that there are no miss matches after machining and both offer a lower cutting load and less vibration.

Furthermore, for effective use of splitter inserts, the even number teeth cutters are also available as standard items.

To widen the machining depth of tools offered, the 3PKT 15 and 19 mm size splitter inserts are also added to the MillRush line.

The splitter inserts have already proven effective with the launch of the existing APKT and ANHX types, which have an excellent performance record under unstable machining conditions such as long overhang or weak fixtures since grooves on the cutting edge reduce the cutting load, vibration and noise.

By doing so, this allows for a higher table feed due to the reduced cutting load during machining which in turn, offers better productivity.

Because of its increased metal removal rates, the MillRush porcupine cutter is an irreplaceable tool that is useful for machining rough edges, deep shoulders and cavities.

Moreover, the new MillRush line of extended flute cutters and splitter inserts are an ideal choice for various operations in the machine shop and is a good source to use when looking to increase productivity and cut on cost.

The cutters extremely strong and rigid cutter body handles heavy-duty machining of wide edges, deep shoulders and cavities with ease.

The splitter inserts are covered with TaeguTec’s renowned GoldRush coating which offers improved toughness, better wear resistance and reduced friction to chip-flow while also giving a high-quality workpiece surface finish, reduced build-up edge and insert chipping resistance across several different workpiece materials.

In one case study, TaeguTec’s new porcupine cutter with splitter inserts not only increased tool life by 39 percent while machining a workpiece made from construction steel, but also raised productivity by 33 percent.

In another case study conducted on cast iron, TaeguTec’s extended flute cutter with splitter inserts outlasted a leading competitor’s similar tool by 50 percent.