Splitter Insert Splits Steel Not Hairs ( Nov. 07. 2014 )

Reducing cutting force and vibration for unstable fixtures or long overhang of general industry applications can be a tricky challenge.

In order to resolve this issue, TaeguTec has expanded its line of splitter inserts made specifically for machine shops operating on high volumes.

The new SML chip former insert is designed with a sharper edge over the current SM chip former type.

Available for the ChaseMill (APKT 12 millimeters and 17 mm sizes) and Chase2Mill (ANHX 11 mm and 16 mm sizes) lines, the SML chip former’s special design and coating offer lighter, smoother cutting while reducing machining load, noise and vibration.

Ideal for general industry machining applications, the Asian metalworking giant’s new splitter inserts are compatible with the current ChaseMill and Chase2Mill line of cutters.

To ensure that customers get the best on the market, TaeguTec extensively tests every product against the competition.

During product testing on a SUS 304 workpiece, TaeguTec’s SML chip former increased tool life by as much as 80 percent.

In another product test, but this time on mild steel, not only was the tool life increased by 38 percent, but the competition’s insert broke during mid test.