RhinoRush Kits Introduced ( Aug. 13. 2013 )

The success of TaeguTec’s RhinoRush has prompted the South Korean company to unveil different kits and chip breakers which aim to cut customers’ cost and help interested end-users experience the high performance grades and chip breakers that TaeguTec is known for.

The RhinoRush Kit was recently launched in three formats: Test Kit, Selling Kit and Follow Kit.

The kits come in a durable and easy to carry case which in turn is designed for simplified testing.

RhinoRush is characterized by a tough and smaller double sided insert that enables improved machining time and better surface finish.

Meeting the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining cost and competitiveness, RhinoRush’s depths of cut in rough turning are in the range of 2 to 3 millimeters and is available in 9 mm C and S type inserts or 13 mm size D and T type inserts.

To answer the needs of customers, TaeguTec widened its range of RhinoRush tools by introducing two new chip breakers for steel machining, the FM and FT types.

The molded design of the FM type improves chip breaking on a wide range of semi-finishing to semi-medium turning applications while the FT type’s strong, serrated cutting edge promotes excellent chip evacuation in a wider depth of cut range for both profiling and step turning.

RhinoRush’s Insert Test Kit, which was also recently launched, is available in 18 different types and is neatly bundled with two inserts per pack.

Furthermore, each pack comes with the recommended cutting conditions so that users can explore RhinoRush’s advantages in achieving efficiency in all designated machining applications.

TaeguTec’s RhinoRush has a unique two directional clamping force that outperforms other ISO directional clamping force tools on the market.

Tests found that the new series improved productivity during high feed cutting with low cutting force in general applications.