TaeguTec Chamfering Rings For Effective Hole Making ( May. 14. 2013 )

May 14, 2013 – TaeguTec’s drilling line just got a helping hand with the introduction of chamfering rings that promote machining convenience in hole making applications.

TaeguTec chamfering rings are compatible with DrillRush products and available for TopDrill and T-Drill lines with 3XD and 4XD sizes.

The rings can be used to drill and chamfer in a single operation in order to minimize cycle times as well as inventory and tooling cost for improved cost effectiveness.

The new line offers adjustable step lengths and is suitable for a diameter range of 13.5-20.9 millimeters for the DrillRush and 13.5-20.4 mm for the TopDrill and T-Drill lines.

To add value by enabling stable machining and longer tool life, TaeguTec chamfering rings use two TT9080 specially treated, multilayered, physical vapor deposition coated CRNG inserts on either side which can machine any type of alloy.

TaeguTec chamfering rings can be positioned anywhere along the body of the DrillRush, TopDrill or T-Drill lines. It is recommended, if possible, to always use short holders if not, to reduce the cutting speed to minimize vibration.

Other recommendations include mounting the chamfering ring as close as possible to the drill shank and applying external and internal coolant to the insert for improved tool life.