CHASE2HEPTA Tough Carbide Shim Type Cutters and Inserts XNM(H)U 06 ( Mar. 15. 2019 )

TaeguTec’s CHASE2HEPTA line has released new carbide shim type cutters and inserts XNM(H)U 06 for reliable roughing and finishing of difficult-to-cut materials.

TaeguTec’s CHASE2HEPTA double-sided 14-corner insert line has introduced new carbide shim type cutters and inserts for roughing and finishing to the family.

With the added carbide shims, the new CHASE2HEPTA line can be applied under high feed conditions due to its increased rigidity and strength. Furthermore, damage to the cutter body is minimized due to the shim’s rigid seating design. As such, the CHASE2HEPTA shim type cutters are characterized by its reliable performance when manufacturing turbochargers as well as the machining of difficult-to-cut materials while performing roughing applications.

The shim type cutters come with two new insert types specifically designed for difficult-to-cut materials: the MT chip former for roughing and the MLW chip former for finishing.
Designed with a variable edge geometry, the MT chip former can reach a maximum depth of cut up to 4.2 mm while the MLW type includes a big R shape wiper, which allows for excellent surface roughness making it suitable for finishing applications.

Cutter Features
» An optimally designed carbide shim meant for high feed cutting applications
» Carbide shims prevent damage to the cutter which enables consistent machining performance

Insert Features
» MT chip former (Roughing)
- Corner R type
- Variable and reinforced cutting edge geometry
- Maximum depth of cut: 4.2 mm
» MLW chip former (Finishing)
- Applied big R shape wiper
- Optimized geometry for finishing applications

CHASE2HEPTA Tough Carbide Shim Type Cutters and Inserts XNM(H)U 06 _ Detail View