The Best CVD Coating Grade for Low Speed and Interrupted Machining of Cast Iron ( Jul. 12. 2018 )

TaeguTec has released the best grade for low speed and interrupted cutting of cast iron – the LIFE+ TT7025

TaeguTec has been supplying both the TT7005 and TT7015 grades for cast iron machining with great success. Now, an additional grade – the TT7025 grade – has been introduced to widen the scope in order to focus on low speed and interrupted cast iron machining.

The new grade has improved abrasion and chipping resistance because of the latest substrates and coatings ensuring excellent performance, stable and longer tool life in low speed and interrupted machining of cast iron. A further advantage of the new grade is it capitalizes on recent trends due to its’ suitability for ductile cast iron machining. Very good surface roughness is achieved due to the GOLDRUSH post-treatment technology. The TT7025 grade’s black and yellow appearance, black on the bottom and top faces and yellow on the sides, helps to easily determine the level of wear to the insert.

» Optimal solution for low speed and interrupted machining of cast iron (Specifically for ductile cast iron machining)
» Latest substrate and coating developments means improved abrasion and chipping resistance
» GOLDRUSH after-treatment technology achieves excellent surface finish
» Insert’s multicolored appearance facilitates easy identification of insert wear

LIFE+ TT7025 _ Detail View